Like a boss

funny pictures boss bird sign

The message this badass bird is trying to send us is pretty clear. He doesn’t like signs who discriminate birds! After all signs are there to make us laugh.

He’s a bus, get out of his way!

He's a funny bus, get out of his way loony humor

This guy is either:

  1. Drunk
  2. Late
  3. An Idiot
  4. Somebody without a driver license
  5. Somebody who plays video games while driving the bus
  6. Driving a pregnant woman to the hospital

…or he simple needs to go to the toilet!

Cats aren’t Dogs!

Cats aren't Dogs!!! loonyhumor funny news jokes

They literally have opened my eyes about this. I mean I had no idea at all. Now many things start to make sense…

Like why I can’t take my cat for a walk.

Did you ever lost your sentence?

Did you ever lost your sentence? steve carell comedian

This! This happens to me way too often. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep or maybe it’s because I watch too much of Steve Carell’s comedy shows/movies 😛

I’m talking about funny stuff like this:

Dude, what’s the time?

Dude, what's the funny watch time? loony humor

What are modern watches for anyway? Ah, now I got it. It’s to look good on your wrist.

But what about the time dude? What time? Well on your watch dude! That’s why I have my smartphone for..

Teacher, Scholar, Dropout

Teacher, Scholar, Dropout loony humor funny pics

Well what you learn at school “should be enough”, but harsh reality teaches us differently!

The biggest prick usually gets it all.

Don’t blame me! I didn’t make the rules, it was evolution itself lol.

Are you a man or not?

Are you a man or not? loonyhumor funny images

Screenshot alone isn’t enough for me to buy this haha. I want to see either a full video or a gif, but I seriously doubt that anyone could pull that.

And even if somebody could the risk of those bottles falling and maybe even injure you really bad is just too big. Still if somebody dares to try it he would earn some big respect from me 🙂

All I see is boobs lol

All I see is boobs lol loonyhumor funny images

His balls are huge!

So that is what you need to have to be a pro. Now many other things start to finally make some sense…

Well I already had a feeling that it was all about “that“, but I wasn’t prepared yet to throw my dreams away aww!