I’m ready to go Charles

I'm ready to go Charles loony humor funny pictures

Oh, he thought he was coming with us. Sorry buddy but “we” got a dog sitter for you. Cheer up buddy we will send you a holiday postcard. But remember not to eat it!

Now you see it, now you don’t!

Now you see it, now you don't! loonyhumor funny pictures

First off I want to say don’t worry that tree is unharmed, or at least we do believe so…

It would be way more impressive if you could do this without Photoshop. Still it’s not that bad. You can still use it to scare little kids and very old people.

Classic Steve Martin Moments

Classic Steve Martin Moments funny pictures quote celebrity

Classic Steve Martin!

He was always among my favorite comedians. It’s not just his funny movies, but also his flexibility as an actor that impresses me. Even though, it seems he always plays the same role in every movie that is not the case. Here are some more classic moments of Steve Martin and Richard Pryor

You watch too much porn!

You watch too much porn! loonyhumor funny gifs

Well if you think that those muffins were “creampied” then you watch definitely too much porn ;). Though, as a guy I probably wouldn’t eat them, but girls love them for sure!

Maybe the owner wanted to provoke a little. Every kind of attention is a good way to promote your products.

Badass level 100!

Badass level 100! funny pics

I admit that you need to have the balls and the craziness to pull off something like this. He obviously is a professional and that guy knows those tigers probably since they were babies. Still they are predators and all it needs is just one “bad day” or moment for certain death to occur.

We do not recommend doing this at home! Haha, obviously…