I wanna go back in mommy!

I wanna go back in mommy! funny pictures loonyhumor

Reminds me of a similar funny scene from “Bob’s Burgers” where Gene wanted back into Linda.

Side Note: Did anyone else noticed that while all other people already make a serious face, chief Wiggum is still smiling on the first picture above.  Maybe it’s another hint to show how “slow” he actually is.

Stoner’s pot palace

Stoner's pot palace funny pictures loonyhumor

You have to admit you would fall for it as well funny haha the simpson jokes

On a serious note, where does Otto get the money to by all this stuff. After all I doubt that a school bus driver earns that much. On the other hand maybe he is just buying the cheap stuff.

Latest ginger jokes

Latest ginger jokes funny pictures loonyhumor

Is Scarlett Johansson hot or is she hot. Lately I have difficulties to find out what here natural hair color is anyway.

I’m generally against hair color stereotypes. If a girl is cute then it does not matter if she has black, red or blond hair. Feel free to tell me what you think about it.

Einstein’s best theory ever

Einstein's best theory ever loonyhumor funny pictures

But on a serious note, who would want to fuck himself? Well, I guess there are always people out there who want to try something new.

It would be more interesting if a guy and a girl run at the same time around the tree 😉

What do you call a black person on the moon?

What do you call a black person on the moon? loonyhumor funny pics

What did you expect the answer to be? The issue here is that you read the answer right away since the picture is not that big. If it would be longer and you would need to scroll down to see the full text it would be way funnier.

P.S Will Ferrell is one of my favorite comedian actors out there. Just love his style. Got to love “Frank the tank”.