You watch too much porn!

You watch too much porn! loonyhumor funny gifs

Well if you think that those muffins were “creampied” then you watch definitely too much porn ;). Though, as a guy I probably wouldn’t eat them, but girls love them for sure!

Maybe the owner wanted to provoke a little. Every kind of attention is a good way to promote your products.

The Funny Pizza

The Funny Pizza funny pictures loonyhumor

EMO pizza is probably the only pizza that cuts itself. You got to have a genius promotion talent to give that kind of name to your pizza service. On the other hand maybe it’s just a service that delivers only to EMO’s.

Sabagebu – Working diet

Sabagebu Momoka Sonokawa diet funny anime picture loony humor

Another funny anime scene from the popular animated comedy series “Sabagebu” or Survival Game Club! Momoka Sonokawa worked so hard to lose her weight only to see that she gained even more weight the next morning. Oh poor girl – don’t give up! GANBARE Momo!

Just don’t add the nuts!

Just don't add the nuts! loonyhumor funny pictures

At first it seems pretty clear what has to be done here, but on the other hand it’s questionable how it would taste without the nuts since they are a vital ingredient of this recipe. It would be wiser to find an appropriate substitute that wouldn’t cause an allergic reaction. Otherwise the whole meal would be stale and that wouldn’t be funny at all.