Homer Night and Day Joke

Homer Night and Day Joke funny pictures loony humor

Homer’s funny joke aside, did anyone else noticed that the transmitter behind him has an actual human face! I’m not kidding – look for yourself. It has two eyes, a mouth and I even see a chin. Well of course the nose is missing but well nothing is perfect.

I wanna go back in mommy!

I wanna go back in mommy! funny pictures loonyhumor

Reminds me of a similar funny scene from “Bob’s Burgers” where Gene wanted back into Linda.

Side Note: Did anyone else noticed that while all other people already make a serious face, chief Wiggum is still smiling on the first picture above.  Maybe it’s another hint to show how “slow” he actually is.

Stoner’s pot palace

Stoner's pot palace funny pictures loonyhumor

You have to admit you would fall for it as well funny haha the simpson jokes

On a serious note, where does Otto get the money to by all this stuff. After all I doubt that a school bus driver earns that much. On the other hand maybe he is just buying the cheap stuff.